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What follows is a very quick snapshot of the origins of Advance, and our approach to the work we do. If you want to know more then please click on the links below or to the left.

Advance was founded by Peter Wall in April 2010.

Peter spent the first 23 years of his career in the automotive sector, initially from a marketing perspective, then later in quality improvement, strategic planning, product development, training and then finally leadership and organisation development.

Having concluded that coaching and leadership development was where his true passion lay, he made a key life-decision to move into the not-for-profit sector with The Work Foundation in 2007, working as a Senior Consultant for eighteen months before being appointed Associate Director with specialism in leadership and coaching. That journey reached a natural next step with the creation of Advance Coaching Solutions.

As an independent, start-up business, Advance enabled him to not only build on all of that accumulated skills and experience to make a positive difference in a wider arena, but also to do so in partnership with similar like-minded colleagues.

Initially working with a relatively small number of clients who had previous first-hand experience of Peter's approach and its impact, Advance's client portfolio has now grown to encompass organisations of various sizes and complexities in all sectors and in several different countries.

As this growth has continued, more Associates have been added to our team, further enhancing the experience and skills base that we are able to draw on. Our real strength, however, and one that is clearly appreciated by our growing list of clients, is the way we approach our work.

At its core is a shared set of beliefs about coaching, leadership and organisation development that are all about enabling enhanced performance in a way that is truly self-sustaining. The fact that almost all of our new business comes directly from referrals and recommendations is testament to the way we work.

If that brief overview tells you enough to make you think we might be a good match to your personal or organisational development needs, then please get in touch.


To move or go forward

To improve or make progress

To bring into consideration or notice

To raise in rank; promote

To raise in rate or amount

To bring forward in time; accelerate

To increase in quantity, value, price, etc

To grow or rise in importance, status, etc

If any of the above resonate with the challenges you face, or the journey you are about to embark upon, then working with Advance Coaching Solutions can help you along the way.